Who We Are Now.

The inspiration for the title came from a thought I had one day: how did I get here? I was looking through old photos on Facebook, thinking about the person I was in college and high school versus who I have become. I thought about the lessons I’ve learned and the challenges I’ve faced. How did I get here? Who am I now?

When I was a child, I always wanted to travel. I would think about the places I wanted to go and people I wanted to meet. I even wrote a whole slew of stories about a girl named Molly and her dog who would travel the world, especially France. I read the Madeline books growing up so I’ve always been a little obsessed with France. She always had so many fun adventures in her little yellow jacket with all her friends. I dreamt away my childhood in far away lands.

I graduated college and moved back in with my parents in 2010. Of course it was fun  to be back in my home town, at first. I spent a few months being reckless; partying and drinking a lot, staying up all night and being hungover the next day. But eventually I started thinking about what to do next. I was getting bored, I was looking for a way out. I wanted to go somewhere. Anywhere.

It’s been 5 years since I left Oregon. Just typing that out made me do a double take. Has it really been that long? Will it be 10 years before I even know what’s happened? Now I sit here, looking at the past 5 years and wonder who am I now?

So when I started this blog I wanted a place to explore that question. Somewhere to share my thoughts and my experiences; the lessons I’ve learned and the challenges I’ve lived through.

I’m ready to explore who I am now.