So I’ve officially jumped on the House of Cards bandwagon. Better late then never, eh?

As of this moment, we’re half way through the credits and I think I may already be hooked. I have always love Kevin Spacey but for some reason with this slight southern drawl, he becomes even more sexy. I find it ironic that the only southern accents I find attractive are the fake ones on TV…not the real ones where I live, here in the south.

I love the idea of Washington, of politics. I watch a lot of television shows revolving around politics, Washington and this Nation. I love even more when journalism is mixed in. That’s why I think I’m going to really dig House of Cards. It seems fast paced, deep and complicated.

I do wonder if politics and Washington are really like this; catty, back-stabbing, manipulative. Honestly, I’m pretty sure it is. And I totally love that. People think it’s black and white, simple and easy. It absolutely is not. We have no cell-sized idea of what goes on over there; and I doubt any real civilian really will.

It just really reminds me how much I wanted to be an investigative journalist in college…the dream lives on I guess…