I have always been a seasoned reader. As a child, I had a very worn library card; begging my mom to take me to the library and once there, stumbling my way to the check out counter balancing a pile of books. I credit my family for giving me the love of words. My parents are big readers and we never really had TV as kids. There was nothing better then getting lost inside the pages of a good, long, meaty book.

Sadly, as time has passed my recreational reading time has shrunk, even though my love has not.

I lived in Toronto from 2012-2013 and was the first year I really got back into reading since I graduated college in 2010. I spent 3-4 months at an internship on the northeast side of Toronto while I lived in the south central downtown districts. I would hop on the subway and pick my way among my fellow riders to find a seat and settle in. I was given one blissful hour each morning and each evening to myself. I had nothing to do, no cell phone to play with, no texts to return or Facebook to check. I spent 10-14 hours of my week reading and it was phenomenal.

It’s almost two years later. I now live in Arkansas; where commutes entail mass honking and bird flipping. Lunch hours are spent running errands and making personal calls. At night I catch up on blogs and Facebook, more e-mails and updating my planner for the next day. My daily reading time has dwindled.

I think that is until this moment. In my attempts to better myself and my future, I’ve been reading a lot of articles and resource articles on The Muse. While searching for some inspiration for a blog post this evening,  I read a really interesting article about a simple task to make you appear smarter; reading.

I’m pretty sure I’ve always known this, but reading this article in this moment has motivated me to dig out my Kindle from under my bed, dust off my piles of books on hidden away bookshelves and to start scheduling time into my day to read.  I am going to revive my Bucket Book List and start crossing things off. Not only will this bring personal joy but it seems that this could help me in the future, expand my mind again and help my creativity.

Our lives today are taken up by so much technology that we forget that words were once written only for paper. I highly recommend reading this article, it may bring you the motivation it brought me!