I truly love TED Talks. I love to download them and listen to them throughout my day. I used to listen to them on the subway, it was my favorite time of day. My fiance played this for me this morning on our way home from the gym before the sun had come up.

I realize that I experience a lot of times where silence is all I can give. Especially living here in Arkansas. I find that almost daily I am challenged by the people around me and I find that I am losing. I choose silence over speaking my mind or telling my opinion because…well I don’t know why. Because I know I’ll be judged or mocked. I get called crazy liberal or fucking liberal frequently. While I choose silence, I let those who challenge my opinions, my morals, my soul beliefs. I recognize there is a time and place that silence is appropriate, I know there are times where my blood heats, my face turns red and I have words to spit…but I know when to pick my battles. But maybe what I need to work on, what I need to focus on, is not the hot, heavy words that first come; maybe I need to find a way to cut my silence with balance, intelligent, full words. I know there is a time and place for my words but I can’t let silence speak for me.