I find it interesting how life is never dull. Truly and honestly, never dull. Right when I think things will start to settle down, they get thrown down a hill again. I’m not saying that being thrown down a hill is necessarily a bad thing…I just feel like I finally got my balance and now I’m free falling389329_586597209102_662047726_n.

But I think the important thing about the hills in life is to take what positive I can find within that fall and make to prominent. I want to look at this hill and use it as an exercise in character building (boy, don’t I sound like my parents) and as a time to reflect on the kind of adult I want to be. I know, for a solid fact, that I will come out the other end a better person.

But at the beginning of the hill…as you’re losing your footing and feel the slide coming on…all you want to do is throw up the middle finger.